Tuesday, July 24, 2018

{{Best*}} Friendship Day Quotes in Marathi : Best Collection 2019

Happy friendship day quotes in marathi
Friendship is a dedicated relationship between two people, in which both of them should have proper understanding and connection without any demands or misconceptions. Friendship is usually between two people whose thoughts, emotions and preferences are almost similar.
It is believed that there is no limit to age, gender, status, caste, religion in friendship, but it is sometimes seen that economic inequality or other discrimination harm the friendship. Therefore, it must be kept in mind that friendship should be true and there should be no greed or affection in it. In this modern world, you will find many people who live with you in good times but go away in bad moments.

That is why we all should be very careful while making friends who promise to not leave in our difficulties or in our trouble. One true friend is identified in our bad times only. Everybody in the world is attracted to money but true friends never do this and they never let us feel bad. Whenever we need money or anything else, they always support us.

We should always balance the bond of friendship so that our relationship carry on without any difficulty for a long time. Sometimes it is seen that friendship is broken due to self esteem, which is very bad. Friendship requires a proper understanding, satisfaction, which two sensible people know very well. A true friend never exploits and is always ready to help his/her partner.

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friendship day marathi quotes