Tuesday, July 24, 2018

{{Best*}} Friendship Day Punjabi Sms & Wishes for Special Friends

Friendship Day Punjabi Sms
Friend is a person who likes us and respects us, even if no person in the world gives us love or respect, but Friends always treats us as the best. Friendship is such a feeling that connects the heart of two friends, and it is present in the mind of both of them without any selfishness. A true friend is always ready to help when needed by his friend and motivates him to do the right thing and gives the necessary advice when needed.
But finding a true friend in this world has become very difficult, but you will surely find a true friend if you are good person by heart. Man is a social creature, and he have to face a lot of difficulty in living alone, therefore he need a friend with whom he can share all his miseries and also can have proper discussion and chat in his spare time. So company of a good caring friend is very necessary for spending life happily, but finding a true friend is not as simple as everyone thinks. Every man should believe in his friend and if any mistake happens, then both should equally face it, instead of blaming each other. Friendship should be of equal importance among friends so that everyone can feel comfortable and sense an inspired atmosphere. Making friends is a science and maintaining friendship is an art. It ends easily when there is no tolerance and mercy among friends.

The purpose of friendship is not to serve but to do it. We all should know the difference between a true and false friend so that a false friend does not make friends with us for his selfishness and we do not become a victim of any fraud.

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